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How to Entertain for the Holidays in Westchester County

Photo by Adobe Stock | Magryt

Juliette D’Errico of Scarsdale-based event-management company Suburban Picnic shares tips on how to create a beautiful holiday tablescape.

Ready to open your home for holiday parties and events? If you’re excited by the prospect of seeing family and friends but aren’t sure where to start planning, consider this your primer.

Juliette D’Errico specializes in creating intimate, luxury picnics, so she knows how to set a table to wow guests. The Scarsdale-based owner of Suburban Picnic (now closed) shares these tips. With these in mind, you’ll be ready to host a holiday get-together in Westchester in no time.

Pick colors before you start.

Monochromatic is the most elegant, but if you create a color story, you can never go wrong when you entertain. This is especially fun when you have a theme.


Layering elevates any table because the more work you put into it, the prettier it will look. Layer a bottom and top dish, a tablecloth and a runner, and candles to add depth and dimension. Layer using your color story.


A thoughtful tablescape will wow guests. Photo courtesy of Suburban Picnic

Make it personal.

Use the tablescape to connect with the people sitting with you. Every time you sit down to entertain, it is more than a meal. The best, most intimate memories are made sitting at a table. An easy way to personalize the tablescape: Create name plates and custom menus. It’s the difference in the details there that will make a lasting impression. On Thanksgiving, light a candle for someone you miss or wish was sitting at the table and give thanks for them. This will encourage the crowd to engage in meaningful conversations, and nothing is better than skipping the small talk about the weather or sports and actually connecting.

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