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Pest Protection


JP McHale Pest Management, Inc.
241 Bleakley Ave


Specialists in pest-related health solutions, JP McHale Pest Management, Inc. delivers environmentally responsible pest protection to the New York tri-state area. Based in Westchester, we have been serving our most valued clients since 1971. Molded around a scientific background, our need-based product line is diverse. Termite Mitigation, Tick Control, Mosquito Abatement, Ant and Flying Insect Programs, and Rodent Exclusion are only a small part of our holistic approach. Bed Bug Elimination, Bird Management, Wildlife Removal, Organic Lawn Fertilization, and Plant Healthcare complement our services. Our chronic control measures include Crawl Space renovation, Basement Dehumidification, Air Duct Cleaning, Bio Remediation services, and Stink Bug interception programs. We are a market leader in residential, commercial, and industrial pest solutions. Our client-centric approach, customized programs, scientific expertise, and engaged team members differentiate us from competing providers. Download our new and improved app!


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