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Painting Color Tips to Make Your Westchester Rooms Pop

Adobe Stock / Sebastian Duda

Want to make a room feel cozier? Larger? Warmer? Here are the tips you need to create the perfect feeling for any room.

Deciding to paint a room or your whole house causes most people to freeze with anxiety. “Other than Linen White, what are the safe colors?” they say to themselves.

Fear of making a mistake and then hating the color is what drives the anxiety. Overwhelmed with the myriad of choices, many people find that their project can easily stall and get delayed or not done at all. To avoid the indecision and get your project checked off the list, here are five tips to guide you when choosing paint colors in Westchester:

1. Use Warm Colors to Make a Room Cozier

Think the colors of the sun—red, orange and yellow. When using a warm color on the wall, the wall will appear to advance, making a room feel smaller and more intimate. Avoid using warm colors in a room that is already warm, since viewing a warm color can actually make you feel warmer.

2. Use Cool Colors to Make a Room Feel Larger

Think soothing shades of the water—blues, green and purple. When using a cool color on a wall, the wall will appear to recede, making a room feel larger and more airy. Cool colors are great in a room that is filled with sunlight, since viewing a cool color can actually make you feel cooler.

Painting colors

Adobe Stock / Sebastian Duda

3. Use Tans and Whites to Connect Colors

Colors from the tan, beige, white, and gray family work to connect rooms as well as create a background for more vibrant color combinations in your upholstery and furnishings.

4. Trust Your First Impressions

If you don’t like the color of the paint when you open the paint can, you can almost guarantee you won’t like it on the walls of your Westchester home. Paint colors tend to dry darker than they appear in the can.

5. Sample It!

Before you put that paint color on your walls, paint a poster board with the color you are considering. Put it in various places in the room. Then view it with natural daylight, with lighting, and in the evening. Then live with it a bit. Color will look different in each room depending on the degree of light, so it’s a good idea to testing out each hue before you fully commit to it.

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