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Make This Trim-Happy Holiday Wreath


Jana Platina Phipps, known as the Trim Queen, started making wreaths with trim a decade ago. “I started hosting a holiday party 10 years ago, and I was thinking of things to make,” says Phipps, who designs and sells trimming private-label collections to interior-design distributors, home-furnishing manufacturers, and retail stores nationwide. “I started with ornaments, which we wrapped with ribbon — a Victorian tradition — and this wreath came from that.” Phipps draws inspiration from what she has in her Peekskill design studio and encourages makers to do the same.


• 12” Floral Styrofoam wreath form
• One small bag of quilting batting
• ½-¾ yard of fabric or 4” ribbon
• Straight pins
• Fabric or sharp scissors
• Iron if using fabric
• Various trims

How to Make the Wreath

1. Start with a Styrofoam wreath form, the size is up to you. Phipps used a 12” form.

2. Cut the batting in a 4” strip for about 9 yards. Note: Fold the batting and cut once to create less cutting. Wrap the form with the cut batting and secure with straight pins. Repeat to wrap it twice.

3. Cut fabric into 4” strips. If using fabric, turn ¼” of the long side of the fabric and iron to create a finished hem.

4. Wrap the form with fabric or ribbon, overlapping as you wrap about ¼”. Phipps used a plaid patterned fabric for
this wreath.

5. Choose the trims you would like use. Phipps used six different trims, including sequins, fringe, vergilina (yarn or embroidery floss), stretch velvet ribbon, metallic ribbon, and organza ribbon.

6. Start with the widest trim and wrap the form with and use pins to secure the trim. Layer and add the trim you’ve chosen and have fun with it.

7. Create a loop with one of the trims and secure with pins, so you can hang
the wreath.