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How To Improve Cell Phone Reception


Westchester County is notorious for lousy cellular reception. Steve Edelman, president of Function Control Group, can help you get the signal you need.

If there is cellular service locally that isn’t getting into the structure, you may want to think about installing a system that receives the cellular signal through a small roof-mounted antenna, then re-amplifies the signal through a system of amplifiers and transmitting antennas within the structure. The nice thing about these systems is that they allow “open access,” allowing anyone with a cell phone to use the system without the need for any special access to the system. Pricing for the basic cellular amplifier runs about $1,000 and up.

If the service is very weak, or non-existent, you can go for a cellular repeater. Both AT&T and Verizon offer models, which, using the Internet and Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), will transmit a 3G or 4G wireless signal throughout your structure. The signal can cover up to 5,000 square feet, depending on construction constraints. There are some hand-off issues depending on your coming and going in and out of service range, and you need to install numbers on an approved-user list but for the most part, it is a wonderful solution where signal is either very weak or non-existent.