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How Do You Politely Encourage Guests to Use Coasters in Your Home?


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Dear Lizzie,

How do I get people to use coasters at my house party without looking like I’m out of my mind, running around putting coasters down for people all night?

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Unless your guests are in the habit of using coasters, you may need to do some reminding until they simply know that at your house, coasters are necessary. Of course, start by having coasters out and available for people to use. Forget about displaying them in a stack — that makes them seem a part of the decor, not something to be used.

Instead, put them out on the tables ahead of time so that people may be a bit more likely to set their drink on one. (Sheer personal observation here; a search for “beverage coaster use studies” came up empty, although I did find some very cool-looking coasters.)

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Offering guests coasters rather than asking that they use one is often a gentler yet direct way of getting guests in the habit of using them at your house. “Rick, here let me get you a coaster” has a nicer sound to it than “Rick, please use a coaster.”

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You may still find yourself doing a bit of running around offering coasters, but as your more regular guests see that you’re always providing coasters and encouraging guests to use them, they’ll get in the habit of using coasters at your home. 


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