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Here's How to Buy the Right Art for Your Home


Getting started

“Start with the major spaces in your home,” says Jordon. “Everyone needs certain pieces that are going to fill those major spaces (above the fireplace, etc.).”


Find a professional

“You can buy art on your own, in any place, on any level, but be open to working with a gallery or with someone who is very knowledgeable in the art world,” says Jordon. “We have already culled through what is out there.”


Come with photos

“Oftentimes, people will come in with photos of their homes, which I always encourage,” says Jordon. “If they come in and say, ‘I don’t know,’ I will often walk them through our website, to get a sense of what their aesthetic is.”


Know what you’re looking for

“When someone walks in, we try to find out what they’re after: Are they collectors or potential collectors? Are they decorating? How sophisticated are they? Do they have a sense of their aesthetic? And what is their budget?” says Jordon. She recommends asking yourself the following before getting started: What is your goal? What is your budget? What kind of art do you like?


Hanging and displaying your art

When buying a major piece of art, you do not want to DIY when it comes to framing and displaying it. When going through a gallery, you will get full service. “We handle the framing, we place the art, and we do the installing for anyone who purchases through us,” says Jordon. If you’re not buying through a gallery, seek out an art handler, framer, and art installers to help. 


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