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All Playroom, No Work


For most families, the playroom becomes the messiest and most are of the home,  the one we’d rather block from visitors’ view. But there is hope, and we’ve rounded up some easy tips to create a space your kids can mess around in without it feeling like a chaotic mess. 


Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

Organizational Furniture is Key: Aim to select pieces that have essential, practical uses, such as Pottery Barn Kids’ Carolina Activity Table & Cart Set, which offers storage and a tabletop to play on. The chocolate finish adds a mature flair, making this piece kid-friendly and pleasing to the eyes. 


Photo Credit: Land of Nod

The Teepee Trend: Designers, celebrities, and everyone in between are using teepees as whimsical décor, and we agree that it’s a fun, child-chic addition. Plus, it’s something that will grow with them (at least for a bit).


Photo: Sarah M Style

A Muted Color Palette: Playroom paint choices tend to be loud, but more muted tones (see, they’re not just for adults) with some metallic accessories could make the room feel less disconnected from others in the house. And the addition of a chalkboard wall is another neutral element that satisfies your child’s creative needs. 


Photo: Brooke Holm

Or Gold Bold or Go Home: If, however, you want to go bold, keep this in mind: the colors should be complimentary. Use toys as accessories, and sophisticated prints and patterns in the right colors can add a bit of whimsy and style. 


Photo: The Design Files

Playroom-Turned-Art Gallery: We love a good gallery wall, so why not use your child’s own art? The key to making it look sophisticated is to use similar frames or a similar palette. The best part is your child will feel like a budding Picasso with his or her artwork on display. 




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