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8 Awesome Pool Accessories


Just as our homes needdécorand accessories to be more livable, comfortable, and, vibrant, so do our pools. Here, we have gathered eight irresistible accessories for you and your guests.

Swan Float

Theinfamous floatall the celebrities clamor for. $29.99

Glow Ball Pool Float

This neon inflatable provides agood excuse to host anighttime swimmingparty. $8.00 each

Aquatic Exercise Bike

Try out an aquatic bikefor a unique summer workout. $2,999.99

Giant Cupcake Float

Soon to be the sweetest addition to your leisurecollection. $39.99

Across-Pool Volleyball Net

Bring the classic summer sport to an aquatic level. $89.99

Water Totter Toy

Try getting the kids out on dry landpurchasing this pool seesaw. $35.99

“Really Big” Pineapple Float

Pineapples add instant style to anyone’s home, not to mention their backyard oasis. $60.00

Waterproof Speaker

It’s floatable, dunkable, and connectable to Bluetooth. Hence,a must-have for any outdoor hangout.$39.95