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6 Ways to Embrace the Start of Fall This Weekend


By Laura Gaskill, Houzz

With the tail end of summer fading away, we can begin to look forward to the rich colors and comforts of fall. Crunch a crisp orchard apple, pick up a new book (or curl up with an old movie), and help those in need. Get a start on fall to-dos and favorites this weekend with these six ideas.


Christen Ales Interior Design, original photo on Houzz


1. Cozy up your movie-watching zone. Clear the clutter from your TV zone, drape a cozy throw over the couch and fill your queue with shows and films you’ve been meaning to watch. Pop a bowl of popcorn or make a couch-friendly dinner (chili is a good bet), cuddle up and enjoy the show. Want to up your movie-watching game? Start a film club in which friends can gather to watch and discuss compelling cinema, from classics to current documentaries.

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2. Put a few new titles on your fall reading list. Make a trip to your local bookshop or library and browse the aisles for an enticing new read. And when you get home, consider reorganizing your book collection. You may just come across a few beloved books you’ve forgotten about.


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3. Brew up a coffee corner. One of life’s great simple pleasures is that first cup of coffee. If your coffee-making zone is looking less than inspiring, consider giving it a little TLC this weekend. Gather together your favorite tools, treat yourself to a pound of freshly roasted beans and take the time to savor each sip of your weekend morning brew.

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4. Put fall flavors on the menu. Apples, winter squash (yes, pumpkins, too!), brussels sprouts — whatever your favorite fall flavors may be, this is the time to start indulging. Visit a local farmer’s market or farm stand to find the freshest produce.


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5. Clear the decks in your command center. With school back in session and schedules filling up, surfaces have a way of getting buried in paper. Set a timer (start with 20 minutes) and sort through the paper piles until you can see your desk again. When you’re done, place something beautiful in the space (a potted plant or vase of flowers) as a reminder to keep it clean.

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Lt. Zachary West, 100th MPAD, Texas Military Department, original photo on Houzz


6. Help with hurricane relief (and assess your own evacuation plan). With Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, hurricane relief — and evacuation plans — seem to be on everyone’s mind. Take action this weekend by doing what you can to help Harvey and Irma hurricane relief and recovery efforts, and by creating a storm evacuation plan for your own family.

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