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4 Tips for Cleaning Out Your Junk Drawer


Everyone has a junk drawer, but once a year (at least) it’s nice to go through and clean it out. Here, I share what my junk drawer looked like before and after it’s transformation and share tips for how to clean out your junk drawer (or drawers), and how to keep it under control year round.

1. Clear EVERYTHING out. This process is going to make things worse before it gets better.

2. Take stock of what you have then separate into different categories:

a. What you need. 
b. What you need to get rid of.
c. What you can donate or give away.

3. Measure your drawer’s dimensions. This will be necessary for the next step. Then plan out how you want it to be organized. Put the items you use most frequently in the front, and the ones you need less often towards the back. Find an organizing system that works for you and your drawer. I personally love these customizable drawer dividers from The Container Store because they will fit any drawer and you can configure them anyway you want. If you have one section with large items, but the others require smaller compartments, you can do that with these.

4. Place like items together grouping them whether it be by size, color, or how often you use them.

I’m so excited that I can open this drawer and find everything at first glance and easily. 

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