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9 Tips For Bringing A Natural, Outdoor Vibe Inside The Home


1. Take inspiration from what you see outside your window for a nature-inspired color scheme, such as the mossy greens and browns of the trees or the pinks of a beautiful rose. The blues of water and the sky are particularly soothing. 

2. While nothing beats cut flowers, if you travel often, go faux. In certain areas, like on a console in a dark entry hall, a silk orchid—especially a custom one by Diane James—looks fab. Gilbane also uses 7-foot-tall faux fiddle-leaf fig trees.  

3. Try arrangements of the same type of silk flower, such as peonies or hydrangeas. They look more authentic than a mix of varieties. 

4. Display collections of found objects from your surroundings, such as branches, driftwood, stones, and shells. Gilbane has even framed palm fronds in Lucite for a Florida residence and lined the walls of an Adirondack home with lacquered birch bark for texture.  

5. Start a windowsill herb garden with sage and parsley. Thyme is particularly fragrant.

6. Use nature-inspired patterns, like flowers, butterflies, ferns, leaves, trees, and shells, on pillows, fabrics, wallpaper, bedding, tableware, etc. 

7. Think Botanicals and Audubon-like prints to evoke the outdoors. Antique shops often have old books on these subjects; the pages can be framed and hung in groupings.

8. Choose furniture in natural materials, such as wicker, bamboo, and rattan; mix with upholstered pieces to create a relaxed look.

9. Add accessories in natural elements, such as mother-of-pearl lamps or frames, cut-mineral bookends, or sliced-agate coasters. Layering textures contributes to the feeling of a collected space in which elements were gathered slowly. 


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