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Home Improvement January 2022 Partner Content

Vacate to renovate: Oz Moving & Storage


Oz Moving & Storage

Challenge: What advice can you give on the best way to move out during a home renovation?

Solution: When planning a major home renovation, it’s important to take into account the loss of living space. Some projects will allow you to stay at home, while some would require you to move out. In both cases, you would need to downsize in order to fit your belongings in the living space you have left or your temporary (probably furnished) domicile. A reputable moving and storage company will be able to help pack and move items to storage (many companies have their own storage). Plan for the entire construction period and take season change, upcoming events, and vacations into account when deciding what to keep and what to store. It is also a good time to sort and donate or get rid of unwanted items.

Oz Moving & Storage
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