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Holiday Catering & Party Planning November 2021

Be innovative: KUMO Sushi Lounge


Delight your guests with a KUMO Sushi Lounge Pop-Up Experience! Enjoy delicious high-quality Japanese food at home or host a corporate event at the restaurant this holiday season. Fresh sushi and sashimi are made on-site by our skilled chefs and served alongside warm appetizers and other menu favorites. Catering is customized to meet the needs of the client’s unique special occasion or meeting. Call ahead to book an event at the restaurant or for at-home, customized menu pricing. Contact our General Manager, Tanya Huang by phone 917.733.1727 or e-mail info@kumoscarsdale.com. Open 7 days a week featuring lunch, dinner, and happy hour (kumoscarsdale.com). @kumoscarsdale

KUMO Sushi Lounge
777 White Plains Rd

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