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Spring is fast approaching, which means longer days, bluer skies and warmer weather. For many, it also means the return of pollen and allergy season. Seasonal transitions disturb our immune systems making us more susceptible to viruses. While we can’t control the climate, we can take actions to improve the air quality inside our homes.


1. Dust Regularly – Dusting is an ongoing chore that needs to be done frequently in order to maintain a basic level of clean. Keep your home dust free by walking around with a duster every week or so. Having cleaning supplies organized and readily available will make this tedious chore a little more enjoyable. 


2. Avoid Wearing Shoes Indoors – In order to keep your space clean, the experts say it’s best to avoid wearing shoes inside the home. By doing this, you could potentially be tracking in dirt, germs and other irritants. Instead of leaving your footwear piled up by the door, invest in an enclosed shoe wall with numerous shelves and cubbies. 


3. Remove Laundry From The Machine Promptly – Mildew starts forming when damp clothes are left in the washing machine for a significant amount of time. To avoid this issue, promptly move your laundry to the dryer once the wash cycle is complete. Check back to make sure everything is fully dry. 


4. Don’t Hang Clothes & Linens Outside To Dry – Drying your clothes outside when the air is full of allergens will only make things worse.  If your belongings are too delicate for the dryer, hang them from drying racks and valet rods. These clever accessories add extra storage to any space and can be hidden away when not in use.


5. Wash Your Bedding Once A Week – Bedding should be washed often to remove a buildup of dust and microbes. To guarantee a good wash, ball up your sheets and submerge them in hot soapy water. If time permits you from doing a weekly load of laundry, consider storing an extra pair of linens in a drawer or utility closet.   


6. Wipe Down Electronics – Electronics make pretty good dust collectors and we often find ourselves disconnecting wires when trying to clean these tight spaces. Wire management systems bundle cables and hold them together, making it less intimidating to dust. Keyboards and remote controls should also be wiped down once a week to avoid a buildup of germs


7. Tidy Up & De-clutter – A crowded home not only leaves us feeling anxious and overwhelmed but also attracts more dust. Custom storage systems can help improve organization and eliminate clutter, which makes cleaning faster. From simple shelves and bookcases to a full walk-in closet, your custom storage can enhance how you enjoy and experience your home. 


8. Limit What You Store – In order to maintain a healthy garage, go through your old paints and chemicals and dispose of the items you no longer need. Aluminum reinforced shelves are great for storing heavy items like paint cans and cabinets with grills safely store paints and chemical supplies that need ventilation.


9. Clean Out Your Pantry – Take the time to do a thorough spring-cleaning of your pantry. Start by taking everything out and placing it on the kitchen counter. Read food labels, and get rid of anything that has expired. Then wipe down the shelves with a disinfecting spray and you’re ready for a whole new season of healthy recipes.


10. Use More Bamboo – Bamboo has fewer environmental toxins than other woods and can be more sustainably produced. Water based finishes are also available that help to improve the air quality of your home.