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Health & Wellness January 2023

Keys to successful, permanent weight loss: KEY Wellness/Karen Young Yoga


Karen Young Yoga

Q. How do I lose fat and NOT gain it back this year? 

A. “For permanent fat loss, the first step is to shift mindset”, says Karen Young, MPH, Founder of KEY Wellness.” When we follow a typical diet and fitness plan, we usually go back to former habits within a few weeks or months.”

Permanent habit change, based on mindfulness and positivity, is key to permanent fat loss. Here’s how:

  1. First, Zoom Out! Identify a simple, big-picture mission statement as a foundation and direction for change. For example,
    • Look Good/Feel Good
    • Nothing Tastes as Good as Feeling Good
    • Happy, Healthy, and Whole
  2. Drill Down! Identify new habits required to assist you on your mission, such as:
    • Planning meal prepping sessions
    • Beginning a joint friendly weightlifting routine
    • Discontinuing stress eating by identifying alternate coping skills when things get tough
  3. Identify possible roadblocks to success and plan strategically.
  4. Write it out, every day! Upon waking, spend 5 minutes writing down your 3 S’s:
    • Successes: how are you moving towards your mission?
    • Struggles: in what ways are you having difficulty?
    • Strategies: how can you decrease or eliminate your struggles?

Typical diets rarely produce long-term results. If you get stuck, hire a professional wellness coach to guide you. Email keywellness.me@gmail.com to receive my free guide How to Eat for Fat Loss at Restaurants.

Karen Young, MPH, CHES, RYT
KEY Wellness/Karen Young Yoga

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