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“Anyone who thinks that they are too small to make a difference has never tried to fall asleep with a mosquito in the room.”

—Christine Todd Whitman

Your home property should be safe, comfortable, and functional. Unfortunately, a drainage mishap has caused disaster. Maybe you’re dealing with an expensive chore—for instance, fixing a septic tank after a series of winter storms. Or maybe you’re just confronting unsightly pools of fetid water where flowers once grew.

In either case, you need to do something. But what, exactly?

To answer that question, we first need some context.

Mosquitos: the Bane of Spring and Summer

Many of us shrug off mosquitos as mere nuisances. It’s no fun to have to slather yourself and your kids with Skin-So-Soft, 24/7. But mosquito bites generally are not the end of the world. “Proximity to bugs is the price we pay for living close to nature in the Hudson Valley,” we tell ourselves. “After all, the mosquitos were here first.”

Let’s not get so complacent. Astonishingly, anthropologists believe that mosquitos (by virtue of their being carriers of malaria) may be responsible for literally half of all human deaths throughout history. That’s 50 billion people, with a “b,” who have succumbed.

Slate columnist, Daniel Engber, puts the situation this way:

“I hold a special reservoir of bile for the flying hypodermic needles that harbor [the Zika] pathogen, the flies that shuttle it from one country to another, spreading bioterror in their wake. I’m mad at the mosquitoes, and it’s time to give ’em hell.”

Okay. But how, exactly, do we do that?

First, you need to address the stagnant water sitting on your property.

• These pools aren’t just havens for mosquitos—they can create other health hazards, including slip and fall risks.
• They can render a significant portion of your property unusable. They can damage your home’s foundation.
• Puddles create aesthetic disaster: they destroy your lawn, kill beloved plants, and leave a muddy mess.
• If your property is an eyesore and you can’t enjoy yourself outside, what’s the point?


Drainage Solutions That Really Work

At John Jay Landscape Development, we can solve your drainage issues at their root cause using catch basins, channel drains and Cultec chambers. For more aesthetically pleasing solutions, we can install rock gardens, rain gardens and create retaining walls. In addition, we can deploy other tools in our toolbox—related to masonry, lawnscaping, hardscaping, plantings—to beautify your property.

Take a look at the sloppiest pool of mud in your yard right now. Imagine that being replaced with a gorgeous outdoor kitchen or a (mosquito-less) bird and butterfly garden.

John Jay Landscape Development can enhance your property’s market value and ensure that your family has an awesome summer outdoors. Call us to learn about simple, cost effective solutions to your drainage issues.


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