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Aesthetic or cosmetic gynecology commonly refers to the external appearance of the female anatomy. The labia – the vaginal folds or “lips” – are the most visible features. What constitutes a “normal” looking vagina? There is a huge spectrum of “normal”. However, just like other parts of the body, some women prefer a specific look. Vaginal aesthetic treatments aim to shape the external appearance according to a woman’s preference. The treatment methods used are surgical labiaplasty or nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation. As a gynecologist, I feel there is an important functional component to cosmetic GYN, since the “look” of the vagina can be influenced by vaginal muscle support and hormone levels and should be incorporated into the treatment plan.

By contrast, standard gynecologic care focuses on preventative and everyday aspects of a woman’s health. This includes screening tests like pap smears and mammograms. Common routine GYN issues relate to contraception, menstrual cycles, fertility and menopause.

Why Women Choose This Process at DT Gynecology

Patients commonly consult with me about contouring the size or shape of their vaginal labia, because they feel self-conscious in tight clothing or with intimate partners. Excess or sagging skin at the labia can also cause discomfort with activities like running, cycling or spinning. These issues often overlap with hormonal and bladder problems, such as vaginal dryness or urine leakage. The combination of these symptoms may further lead to sexual dysfunction, such as low libido or lack of sensation.

As an experienced gynecologist, I treat the whole woman – not just a body part! Aesthetic treatments for women may be optimized by adding bioidentical hormone treatment, physical therapy or procedures for vaginal and bladder support.

I am also excited to work closely with an experienced group of plastic surgeons to offer popular services like the “Mommy Makeover,” which commonly involves liposuction, breast and abdominal plastic surgery. These Mommies often also want to pursue vaginal aesthetic treatment due to changes from vaginal deliveries or breastfeeding, and can be completed as a combined procedure. 

Furthermore, we provide a full range of aesthetic treatments for the face and body right in our office space. These include injectables (e.g. Botox, dermal fillers, Kybella), skin laser resurfacing & tightening, body contouring facials, laser hair removal and even cosmetic acupuncture. We’re a one-stop beauty shop!

Inspiring Positive Change in Women’s Lives

Too many women suppress concerns about gynecological health. They ignore the self-conscious feelings about their vaginal anatomy or shrug off the fact that they leak urine. These seemingly small issues can affect quality of life. And simple solutions are out there! 

Women give so much to others. They manage kids, partners, parents and careers. Every one of our patients is already beautiful when she walks through the door. Our motto for our ladies is to  “Be. You. Tiful” – with options to feel her most beautiful and confident!


DT Gynecology
M. Shoma Datta, MD
440 Mamaroneck Ave Suite #412, Harrison, NY 10528

Join DT Gynecology: Aesthetics & Rejuvenation for a VIP Launch Event Thursday June 21 from 6-8 p.m.!
Dr. Datta will discuss the hot topic of vaginal rejuvenation and hormone therapy as well as total body skincare at the office. A raffle and specially priced service packages along with refreshments will make for a great night!



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