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Go Green Today with Lippolis Electric


Great news for Westchester business owners.  Get FREE energy surveys & 70% off upgrades.


We are happy to inform Westchester business and property owners that the local utility company has reinstated their small business incentive program for upgrading lighting and installing energy-savings devices.  To help administer this program, the local utility company has contracted Lippolis Electric, Inc, based in Pelham, as one of only two contractors approved to conduct surveys and perform installations under this program in Westchester.  The way the program works is Lippolis Electric will visit your business or facility and provide you with a free energy audit which will let you know exactly what upgrades are recommended, the price of the installation, and  how much energy (kilowatt hours) and money ($$) you will save annually as a result.  If you decide to go through with it, the local utility will provide you with $100 of free energy-efficient light bulbs and pick up 70% of the cost of the installation.  This is not a rebate, the customer is only responsible to pay 30% and Lippolis Electric will bill the utility directly for the other 70%. This is truly a great opportunity for Westchester businesses to upgrade their lighting, go green, and save money!  In 2011 a similar program was conducted by the utility company and Lippolis Electric performed over 600 installations under it resulting in very happy Westchester business owners.  In total, these installations saved over 12 million kilowatt hours in Westchester and that energy is now back on our community’s grid.  To give you an idea of what 12 million kilowatt hours is, the following are all equivalent to that amount of energy:  emissions from 1622 cars, emissions from 927,653 gallons of gas consumed, yearly electricity use of 1,032 homes, 212,171 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.  To find out more and receive a free energy survey at your business or facility please contact Lippolis Electric at 914-738-3550 or email Paul Lippolis at PLippolis@LippolisElectric.com.   Feel free to also check out our website at www.LippolisElectric.com.


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