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This Beer Slushie Is Going to Be Your New Summer Crusher


Ah, summertime frozen drinks. From frosés to margaritas, nothing is more perfect in hot weather than an icy drink. But have you ever thought why can’t they make a frozen drink from beer? If so, then the Somers location of DeCicco & Sons has the perfect drink on hand: a beer slushie.

Available in two flavors, watermelon and lemon, the slushie is made with Narragansett’s Del’s Shandy, a collaboration between the Rhode Island brewery and Del’s Lemonade (also from RI). Sean Zackrison, bar and beer department manager at DeCicco in Somers, decided to bring the beer to the store after talking with Narragansett’s brewers. “We like to offer our customers something a little different throughout the year and thought this was a great seasonal drink,” says Zackrison, who has seen a positive response to the slushies, especially on hot and sunny days.

To make the frozen drink, Del’s Shandy is mixed with simple syrup and fresh fruit juice, pressed in-store. It’s spun in a slushie machine to get the drink “nice and thick” says Zackrison, who notes that you can’t make it with just any beer. “You need a decent sugar content in the beer to have the drink be the right consistency.”

I tried both the flavors and found the watermelon version too sweet for my taste. But I can see drinking the lemon slushie on a beach (or the patio of the DeCicco). It has a nice tartness and was thirst quenching. So raise a frozen glass to a fun and unexpected summer offering.

DeCicco & Sons
266 Rte 202

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