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The Best Beers Made Locally



The Defiant Brewing Company’s
Belgian Tripel 

Yeast, citrus, toasty malt, and sugary fruit (peaches, pineapple) make Defiant’s Belgian Triple a slightly more complex and challenging beer than the Captain Lawrence and Keegan’s. Also, we’re creeping into the higher ABVs…this one comes
in at 9%.

Keegan Ale’s
Mother’s Milk

Milk stouts actually contain lactose, or milk sugar, which lends them the uncanny flavor of milk. In the Mother’s Milk, a slightly tangy dairy note (like crème fraiche or excellent sour cream) is joined by seductively sweet, toasty grain notes, like warm oatmeal cookies. It’s also got a deliciously silken, slippery body that just feels sexy, too. 6% ABV.

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company’s
Captain’s Kolsch

The Captain’s Kolsch is the ultimate refresher. Its low ABV (5%) and de-emphasized hops make it a crisp and malty upgrade from a shaming can of PBR. Opt for the Kolsch when you want something cold and light. It’s far more elegant and presentable than those Death Star American lagers, yet it still delivers that light, clean refreshment that we all sometimes crave.

Evil Twin/DeCicco’s Collaboration
Imperial Biscotti Break

The Mikkel Jarnit-Bjergsø of the famous Danish gypsy brewery, Mikkeller, actually has a twin brother who is also a brewer. Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø is the brewer behind Brooklyn’s Evil Twin Brewing and Törst craft-beer bar. He’s just collaborated with Westchester’s own DeCicco Family Markets for a special Italianate spin on his classic Biscotti Break brew. Look for the DeCicco Imperial Biscotti Break to offer toasted hazelnuts instead of the almonds in Evil Twin’s classic. Also, look for a hint of chili as a palate-refreshing final note. 11.5% ABV.

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