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These Hard Ciders Are Crafted Right in Westchester County

Adobe Stock/ Brent Hofacker

All about keeping it local? Sip on this handful of hard ciders fermented in Westchester using premium New York apples.

Looking to switch your drink of choice from hard seltzers and wine? Try a hard cider.

For those who have never sampled the beverage before, think apple juice, but crispier and spiked. The Northeast is flooded with orchards and distilleries who are crafting the perfect sip for every palate. New York is the second-largest producer of apples in the nation,  and has over 125 hard cider producers.

Throughout Westchester, restaurants and bars carry ciders from Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut. However, it’s rewarding to order a cider or beer that’s made in a town near you. We found some of the best ciders crafted from top-notch apples grown in New York.

Hardscrabble Cider

130 Hardscrabble Rd, North Salem; 914.485.1210

Hardscrabble is 100% hand-crafted on the family’s farm. Alex, Kevin, and Ben Covino, three brothers from Brewster, acquired the orchard back in 2011. Their first task was to plant thousands of apple whips. Apples (a variety of 10 onsite) are picked form the orchard, cleaned, pressed, fermented, and bottled to perfection. The fermentation process is carefully monitored, and the cider is filtered numerous times to guarantee a clean and fresh taste. With a selection of dry, tart, hazy, and even spicy varieties on tap, you won’t run out of options.

Thompson’s Cider Mill

Croton-on-Hudson; 914.409.3433

Although the mill is closed for the season, its hard cider is available year-round. Thompson’s Cider Mill carries apple rose, apple-raspberry, apple-blueberry, apple-black berry, and pear cider. Can we get a glass? Geoff Thompson began operations in 1975 by using a hand-operating grinder and juice press. Thompson later purchased a plot of land to build the mill along with his family’s home. Now, more than 500 trees stand in the orchard and contribute to the creation of the cider. You can find these sips at eateries across Westchester.

Merchant’s Daughter 

8 Main St, Purdys; 914.372.7610

Merchant’s Daughter’s restored taproom is located in Purdys inside of a New England-style building. When you take a sip of the dry cider, your tastebuds are met with apple blossoms and honeydew melons, along with a subtle taste of lemon peel, tangerine, and stone fruit. The Clara’s Reserve bottle embraces the bold apple flavor with a side of ginger, almond, and butterscotch. For a dry option, Merchant’s Daughter taps into the subtle taste of peach and apricot swirl. The trio of ciders make for a well-rounded selection, and is even better when paired with cheese and crackers. Find Merchant’s Daughter bottles at multiple DeCicco & Sons, along with other stores and breweries around Westchester.

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