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Cocktail Garnish Company Makes Drinks Pop From White Plains

Photos courtesy of Cocktail Garnish CO.

With premium garnishes, the White Plains-based Cocktail Garnish Company is helping take cocktail-making to the next level.

An opportunity born of adversity… that’s the backstory of Cocktail Garnish Company, founded in December 2020 by two Westchester-raised friends in the bar industry. Anthony Rossetti and Justin Benfaida found themselves out of work as bartenders in the early stages of the pandemic. That gave them time to develop an idea they’d been mulling over while working in bars; namely, how to provide customers with perfectly formed dehydrated cocktail garnishes.

“With bars and restaurants closed, there was a growing interest from consumers in spirits and ingredients; they wanted to try to duplicate or replicate experiences they had at bars,” Benfaida says. Nick Conger, who joined the duo at the company as a member-owner last September, says, “By bringing that bar experience into people’s homes, an evening with friends felt like a little more than just hanging out at someone’s house.”

dehydrated oranges

Dehydrated oranges are among a dozen or so offerings at Cocktail Garnish Company.

Consumers without a dehydrator aren’t able to create the perfect spheres of lemons, limes, pineapples, or other dehydrated fruit that Cocktail Garnish Company supplies. And at such restaurants as Pizzeria La Rosa, in New Rochelle, and Chatterbox, in Pleasantville, bartenders don’t have to worry about under- or overcutting fruit, or the product running out or being thrown away. The fruit is good for up to a year with proper storage. Sustainability is a concern for the company, and Rossetti notes that the products’ bags are made of recyclable wood fibers and that the plastic window is biodegradable.

blood orange garnish

A dehydrated blood orange and rosemary sprig top a cocktail of gin, Carpano Bianco vermouth, rosemary, lemon, and soda.

Cocktail Garnish Company recently moved into a bigger office space in White Plains. “This city is a great location; it allows us to stay close to our roots and gives us accessibility to NYC, with room for growth,” Rossetti says. Regarding expansion, the company is looking to add more seasonal fruit, such as apples and pears, to its lineup.

Cocktail Garnish Company
White Plains

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