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What’s a Cronut (and Where Can I Get One in Westchester)?


What the Heck Is It?
A croissant and donut hybrid made withâ…” croissant dough and â…“ donut dough. It’s folded like a croissant but shaped and fried like a donut. It also has frosting and filling like a donut.

There are three now (but more are on the way): Boston cream, raspberry Madagascar vanilla bean cream, and lemon cream with salted caramel. And, only on weekends: glazed with Bavarian cream and topped with jelly.

Get ’Em Quick

Up to 175 are made daily, depending on the day; most days are sellouts.

Serving Suggestion
“These stand on their own,” says Floriano, “but a glass of milk or cup of coffee works.”

Enrico’s Pastry Shop 214 E Hartsdale Ave, Hartsdale (914) 723-0340

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