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What To Grab At Leno’s Clam Bar In New Rochelle


The beach, ice cream, hot summer rays, and… Greasy Nick’s. (Actually, it’s called Leno’s Clam Bar, but those “in the know” call it Greasy Nick’s). All things you think of during these dog days of summer, no?

Well, if Greasy Ni.., er, Leno’s, is not on your list of quintessential hot-weather visits, it should be. We’ll give it to you straight. Greasy is somewhat of an understatement here, because it applies not only to the food, but also to the, er, décor. When you walk in, there’s an open kitchen, a few old stools at a nicked-up counter, a soda fridge, and handwritten signs overhead that read “Lettuce + tomato $0.50” and “CASH ONLY!!”

But you don’t come here for the décor (but it’s part of the charm). You come to sit outside, order a basket of fried clam strips or a cheeseburger with onions on a buttery grilled roll, note the wafts of salty sea air wafting in from the east, and bask in the glory that is summer near the Long Island Sound. Add onions to your burger, and make sure you bring cash.

Leno’s Clam Bar
(914) 636-9869
755 Pelham Rd, New Rochelle

A basket of fried clams comes with fries and a lemon slice.

The burgers are greasy, as you might have guessed, but thanks to a grilled bun, they melt in your mouth. 

We didn’t say luxury. There’s table service at the outdoor seating.


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