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POLL: What’s Westchester’s Favorite Halloween Candy?

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Vote for the sweet treats you always hope to find in your plastic bucket.

We may see fewer trick-or-treaters this year, but that just means we get to keep more of the candy we buy. So, obviously, that means stocking up on the candy we like the best. (Sorry, Timmy, who lives on our block.)

It’s been a couple years since we last asked you what your favorite Halloween candy was, so we figured it was high time for a recount. With due apologies to raisins, candy corn, and those little individually wrapped strawberry grandma candies, we think we’ll just skip straight to the Top 8 this year and let you fight it out from there. Get your votes in by Sunday, October 18, when we’ll pit the top two contenders head-to-head in an epic smack-down of sugary goodness.


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