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Where to Buy Your Thanksgiving Turkey in Westchester

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means it’s time to pick out the tastiest turkey for your guests.

These Westchester stores sell oven-ready, farm-raised turkeys for your Thanksgiving dinner. All you need to do is toss the bird in the oven and pair it with cranberry sauce, corn bread, and all your favorite Thanksgiving sides. Time to dig in!

Harvest Moon Orchard

130 Hardscrabble Rd, North Salem; 914.485.1210

Farm-fresh 100% pasture-raised turkeys are available at Harvest Moon. The Farm partnered with Goffle Road Poultry Farm to offer two size ranges and two pickup days. The small range turkey is about 15-19 lbs and the large range is 20-25 lbs. Each size is going for $6.50/lb. The two pickup days are November 22 and November 23.

Susan Lawrence

26 N Greeley Ave, Chappaqua; 914.238.8833

Susan Lawrence offers either a small or large free range natural stuffed fresh turkey. The small turkey weighs between 10-12 lbs and serves around 8-12 guests. The large turkey weighs between 18-20 lbs and feeds a group of 15-20 people. Each turkey is selected by Susan Lawrence’s chef and is seasoned with fresh herbs and stuffed with their traditional herb stuffing.

Hemlock Hill

500 Croton Ave, Cortland; 914.737.2810

Hemlock Hill has variety of meat options in stock for your Thanksgiving meal. Their turkey goes for $6.99/lb, and customers can pick between a bird of four different sizes. Hemlock Hill also offers turkey breasts, thighs, wings, and backs.

Stew Leonard’s

1 Stew Leonard Dr #1, Yonkers; 914.375.4700

Stew Leonard’s offers its large, oven-ready Stew’s naked free-range turkey, which serves between 14-18 people, for $100-$150. Stew’s turkeys are fed a 100% vegetarian diet and are not given antibiotics or hormones. Each turkey is prepped with the chef’s homemade aromatics, onions, apples, pepper, and other goodies to have the turkey juicy and bursting with flavor. You can order the turkey already roasted so all you need to do is pop it in the oven or buy it fully marinated and ready to cook.


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Seasons of Scarsdale

1104 Wilmont Rd, Scarsdale; 914.472.2240

Seasons of Scarsdale sells a fresh whole turkey for $6.49/lb.

Mike’s Organic

425 Fairfield Ave, Connecticut

If you want to buy your turkey from the same place Martha Stewart does, we got you. Year after year when November rolls around, the local culinary maven gets her turkey delivered from Mike’s Organic. The delivery service offers a pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkey with a variety of weight options.


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