Westchester Takes Over The James Beard House

The top chefs from Westchester and Fairfield County convened at the renowned New York establishment.


Oh, folks—they were all there: the whole Fortina crew (Chef Christian Petroni, Rob Krauss, John Nealon etc. etc), Chef David DiBari (of The Parlor and The Cookery), Chef Chris Vergara (of Meritage, Harper’s and St. George), Herb Lindstrom, Melissa Iscaro, and Denise Ruggiero (of Cooked and Co). From Connecticut, there were Chefs Merlin Verrier (of Primary Food and Drink) and Bill Taibe (of Le Farm and The Whelk). All gathered to cook for Christian Petroni’s James Beard House dinner on May 19. Said Petroni of the event, “If a bomb were to go off in the room, the whole Westchester and Fairfield County food scene would be wiped out.”