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Walter's Hot Dog Stand In Mamaroneck Completes Renovation


As almost everyone knows by now, 86-year-old Walter’s Hot Dogs in Mamaroneck has reopened after an extended renovation. “Oh no! They’re going to change everything!” my kid said. Admit it—you were thinking the same thing.

Thank goodness, little has changed. But regulars, being creatures of habit, might notice the minutiae. Here’s what to expect:

You don’t have to tell us twice!

Clearer signage. No more confusion at the window—they’ve moved the register to the beginning, where you “Order Here.”

No more sweet spuds! (mashed sweet potato nuggets with a crispy crust). The company they got them from has just stopped making them. They’re looking for an alternative (entrepreneurs, take note).

More tables. Yup, that means more chance of resting your weary bones after waiting on line.

Seasonal homemade ice cream. Plus the same shakes and “cowboys” (thicker shakes) you’ve come to love. Your summer go-to: iced coffee shake (iced coffee, coffee ice cream, coffee syrup).

A new cup for fries. Proclaiming the presence of “French Fries” within, Walter’s has introduced a new cup of fries. Minor quibble, but the generic tray allowed for easier reach across a wider surface—particularly important for those hard-to-grasp curly fries (which I heartily recommend).

Paper menus. Plus, there’s a nice new menu display.

Additional memorabilia display. This includes tags from when they sold their own apple cider. You can still see part of the old side deck and window where cider was sold.

Not everything is new of course. The hot dogs are the same! But the first one tasted just a tiny bit cleaner and fresher. New-griddle effect? By the second dog I could no longer tell the difference. How quickly we forget. Also same the merchandise, including some of Westchester’s finest swag: Walter’s playing cards and a jar of their famous mustard. And, still the same single bathroom. Just be grateful there is one (and try not to wonder about the side-by-side toilets).

Watch for new off-site events—such as their visits to Gun Hill Brewery. And welcome to the 21st century, Walter’s.

937 Palmer Ave


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