This Is Westchester’s Favorite Halloween Candy of 2018

Let’s not gild the lily on this one. What did you, the Westchester Magazine readers, vote as the best Halloween candy to fill your plastic pumpkins?

Well, let’s ask you this: “How do you eat a Reese’s?”

Yes, pulling in a stunning 80.62 percent of the vote, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups bested Twizzlers in a knock-out!

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More than 1,200 voters weighed in this month, and the results are clear: Westchester loves it some PB and chocolate. Honestly, if we hadn’t broken the bracket into chocolate and non-chocolate divisions, we’re not sure Twizzlers would have made it even as far as it did, so our recommendation is to snatch up a few bags of each of our Final Four, thus insuring happy trick-or-treaters and thereby a toilet-paper-free house for you this Halloween.

Thanks to everyone who voted, and just remember: Even if your favorite didn’t win, that just means there’ll be more left over for you!