The Westchester Bar Bible

Two of our writers embark on a journey to find Westchester’s best bars.

Full disclosure: Over time, we had both soured completely on the Westchester bar scene. We were much more likely to spring for a Metro-North ticket down to the City than waste another night in the County. This was no secret to our editors either, given our grimaces at every mention of a “great new bar” in Westchester. So, to change our minds, they sent us on an epic, eight-week journey to search every inch of the County for something that, against all odds, could tickle our fancy. We went to bars big and small, dive-y and high-end—well, pretty much any place that would pour alcohol into a glass for us. It was tough work (we’re fairly certain we single-handedly increased the stock prices of Tums and Tylenol), but, 60 bars later, as we sit here in the early stages of cirrhosis, we have to admit: We greatly underestimated Westchester’s potential for a booze-soaked good time. And because we couldn’t let all those hangovers go to waste, we’ve culled the ones we’ve deemed Westchester’s best bars. Please enjoy (responsibly, of course). 

After-Work Drink Joint

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Hipster Haven

Classic Cocktails

Friendliest Bartender

Tropical Drinks

Hidden Gem

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Ladies’ Night

Official Westchester
Magazine Cocktail

College Bar

Growlers Beer Bistro

Perfect Date Bar

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Bar Crawl

All-Day Drinking

Inside Scoop on
Westchester Bars

Homestyle Bar

No Frills Bar

Going Medieval