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The Best Hot Sauces, Available Locally


January can be cold in more ways than one. Once the fervor of New Year’s subsides and puritanical dieting resolutions are committed to (for now), it’s a long, frigid road to the fleeting warmth that Valentine’s Day can bring.   

It is also a bleak season when it comes to fresh, local ingredients. Winter markets are limited to baskets of hearty root vegetables, and soups and stews dominate the month’s menus.

Luckily, you can crank up the heat in your kitchen by grabbing a bottle of Guyank Brand’s Original Sweet-HOT Pepper Sauce at your local farmers’ market (including Bronxville, Hastings, and Pleasantville).

The husband and wife team Kenya and Keane (she is from Guyana, and he is a Yankee, hence the name) started brewing their artisanal potion in 2003 when they won a Scovie Award as amateurs up against more than 600 contestants, followed by another in 2005 as professionals. As fans of hot peppers know, the Scovie scale measures the pungency and heat levels of fresh chilies.

The spicy couple also blends dry rubs like Citrus Chili, jars their Cool Hot Haban Cranberry Jelly, puts up fresh relishes made with vegetables from their market mates, and mashes a mean Jamaican Jerk paste.

Nonetheless, the pepper sauce is still the star of their portfolio. The all- natural, locally sourced blend is billed as “The Alpha and Omega of Hot Pepper Sauce.” Besides touting it as the go-to ingredient for marinades, wings, and ribs, it’s also recommended for ice cream and Corn Flakes. It’s the perfect way to spice up breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert and light a fire under your winter recipes.