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Royal Treat


If golden puff pastry filled with an almond cream made with almond flour, eggs, butter, and rum sounds delicious, sample a king’s cake from La Renaissance Pâtisserie Française (9 Harwood Ct, Scarsdale 914-472-0702). Associated with the Christmas season in certain European countries as well as with Mardi Gras and Carnival in the Americas, the Galette des Rois—or King’s Cake—is a traditional holiday treat enjoyed in the days leading up to the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6, which marks the arrival of the Three Kings bearing gifts for Jesus. Each cake comes with a plastic or porcelain figurine (“la fève”), like a farm animal or a local food, and a paper king’s crown. The figurine is traditionally hidden in the cake (although La Renaissance Pâtisserie Française leaves the figurine for customers to insert themselves to avoid choking hazards); the person who gets the cake slice with the figurine is crowned king for the day and is obligated to offer the cake the following year. David Shore, owner of La Renaissance Pâtisserie Française, uses fresh local butter for his variation. The exterior is brushed with egg wash for a nice sheen and it’s topped with a spiral design. Customers can choose from an 8-inch ($22), a 10-inch ($29), or a 12-inch ($36) galette.

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