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Westchester County Dining Events: Baron Ambrosia Debuts on the Cooking Channel, and Thanksgiving Wines at Wine Geeks Armonk


Baron Ambrosia Debuts on the Cooking Channel!
November 6, 10:30 pm

Oh, you know how much we love the Devilish Duke of Deliciousness, the Purple-Clad Prince with the Perverse Palate. Well, we aren’t the only ones. The Baron is going big time with a new show on the Cooking Channel—which, in case you don’t know, is the Food Network’s younger, more tattooed spinoff. While local Cablevision doesn’t yet carry the Cooking Channel (boo, hiss), you can catch The Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia on FiOS, DIRECTV, DISH Network, Time Warner Cable, and Comcast. The show debuts on November 6 at 10:30pm and follows our hero to Newark. As in New Jersey.

Wines for the Thanksgiving Table at Wine Geeks Armonk
November 9, 7pm
$35 per person
Let me tell you a shaming family secret. Every year at Thanksgiving, my father was supposed to purchase wine for the feast. As an avid, single-malt drinker, my poor dad found this a challenge—so every year, he showed up with many bottles of Veuve Clicquot. Easy, right?  Champagne goes with everything … until you factor in that Champagne goes down like water after a long day of cooking. So there we all were, the entire wholesome family, good and blitzed by the crack of 7 pm. Loudness. Raucous food fights. It wasn’t a pretty picture. Take Derek Todd’s advice, and get the right wines for Thanksgiving. From the site: “We’re bringing back this most popular wine-pairing class featuring the perfect wines to compliment the flavors of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.”


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