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This Juicy Smoked Burger Sells out So Fast You Probably Won't Get One


When’s the last time you had a smoked cheeseburger? If you think about it, the answer is probably “never.” After all, we’re not talking about the smoke from your charcoal grill after several squeezes of lighter fluid, but an actual smoked burger, slow-cooked over wood like barbecue.

If that sounds good to you (why would it not?), you can devour one only on Fridays at Revenge BBQ in Irvington.

Revenge’s smoked burger, which debuted last month, evolved out of a cookout with owner Jacob Styburski. After a little R&D at the restaurant to see what worked and what didn’t, Styburski and GM Chris DeRuzza ran the recipe past Restaurant Hunter’s Rob Petrone and George “Tappi” Tapinekis of Gotham Burger Social Club to get their opinions for further recipe tweaking.

The result is a Pat LaFrieda brisket-and-short-rib-blend patty that’s lightly dusted with salt and pepper, before spending 25 minutes in the smoker to let the oak permeate the beef. After that, it gets kissed on the flat top for about two minutes per side to develop a crust, placed on a toasted Martin’s Potato Roll, and enveloped in homemade queso that’s like lava running down a volcano. Toppings are simple: slow-cooked balsamic onions or smoked, chopped poblano peppers for a little heat. It’s served with a handful of house-brined pickles and pickled red onions on the side if you want to add a touch of acidity.

Revenge’s smoked burger sells for $11.50 plain, or $12.75 with the queso. (Definitely get it with queso!) “We want to keep the price point fair because I can’t stand a $15-$16 burger,” DeRuzza says. “If you want, there’s a $5 upgrade that gets you any side and a drink added on.”

But remember, folks, it’s a Friday-only special and you might want to get there ASAP. “We only make 17 to 24 burgers,” DeRuzza says. “After our first Instagram post advertising it, they sold out in about an hour-and-a-half.”


Revenge BBQ
48 Main St


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