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This Is Our Favorite Mac ’n’ Cheese in Westchester


Mac ‘n’ cheese is not health food — and it’s not supposed to be. Keeping that in mind, you might expect our favorite iteration to come from a restaurant where calorie count is not a consideration. So, it might be a surprise to hear that our favorite mac ’n’ cheese is from clean-eating, farm-to-table, market-bowl bar Dig Inn. Yep, I said it.

Assistant Art Director Heather Sommer first turned us on to this surprisingly great mac ’n’ cheese. Despite being surrounded on the fast-casual counter by charred Brussels sprouts, maple cauliflower with chickpea crumble, and grilled apples, it’s exactly what mac ’n’ cheese should be, which is to say it actually tastes like nutty, sharp cheddar; has a rich, creamy texture; and is topped with plenty of crispy, golden breadcrumbs.

Completely baffled by how a supposedly not-so-bad-for-you version could be this good, we reached out to Dig Inn, which sells more than 30,000 scoops each week, to find out more. Turns out the secret is in the sourcing. Milk comes from New York’s Ithaca Milk, and Dig Inn partners with cultish, award-winning Vermont cheese producer Jasper Hill on the three-cheese blend for its mac.

The 12-month-aged cheddar is specially made for Dig Inn, using the same cultures as Jasper Hill’s popular Cabot Clothbound cheddar, which the farm describes as having a “nutty aroma” and a flavor that is “deeply savory and slightly tangy with caramel sweetness.”

Because aged cheese doesn’t melt smoothly, Dig Inn adds Swiss and Fontal to up the melt factor and imbue a deeply satisfying gooeyness. In other words, it’s nailing the flavor and texture. Don’t agree? Sound off on your favorite Westchester mac ‘n’ cheese in the comments below.  


Dig Inn
112 S Ridge St
Rye Brook


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