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This Baker Overcame a Rare Disease to Follow Her Passion For Food


Raised in Harrison, Taylor Wolf always found happiness in baking. From a young age, she would bake with her grandmother, a Boston baker and cake decorator, whose lessons guided Wolf’s decision to become a pastry chef.

The road wasn’t easy. During her second year of culinary school at Rhode Island’s Johnson & Wales University, Wolf was in serious car accident that left her unable to walk. At the same time, she was dealing with myasthenia gravis, a rare autoimmune disease that causes muscle weakness.

After two surgeries and a year of physical therapy, which included learning to walk again, Wolf was back in the kitchen. She’s now completing a master’s program at Johnson & Wales, and has launched Wolfies Pastries, a 3-in-1 mobile business that combines teaching, catering, and special-order service.

Although she’s currently living in Bergen, New Jersey, Wolf frequently works with clients in Westchester. “I am always in Westchester, whether it’s catering an event, delivering pastry orders, or teaching private classes. I am always back and forth,” Wolf states. “Harrison is my home. So why not bring my business to the place I love and continue to build relationships?”

Private classes can be customized, allowing clients to choose if they’d like to make baklava and lemon-crumb bars or blood-orange tarts, for example. Although her focus is typically on satisfying a sweet tooth, Wolf is also a whiz when it comes to savory food, whipping up party-friendly appetizers like walnut-fig spread, artichoke dip, and brie-and-cherry bruschetta for classes.

Prices vary, but usually run from $25 to $45 per person. Wolf provides all materials, including ingredients, pans, and utensils. (She’ll even do the cleanup.)

There’s still time to book for the holidays. Exciting holiday-themed classes include family-friendly cookie workshops and gingerbread house decorating classes. For adults, her Wonderland in Italy class is dedicated to dishes you can make and serve on Christmas Day.

Posted by Wolfies Pastries on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

To find out more and book your own private class, you can reach Wolf via her Facebook or email at wolfiespastries@gmail.com.


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