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These Crazy-Artistic Cake Pops Are a Must for Your Next Big Celebration


It was six years ago that Alexa Esposito began dabbling in the art of cake pops. She’d seen the crafty snacks on Pinterest, and felt inspired. Esposito was making them for family events, when outside requests started popping up. “I realized this hobby could potentially turn into a full-time job when I started an Etsy account and began selling orders weekly,” says Esposito. “At the time, I was working and couldn’t keep up with the orders, so I closed [my Etsy] shop. I quickly realized I missed this creative outlet, and needed to make a change.”

In 2017, Esposito’s hobby hit a turning point when a client canceled a Mother’s Day order at the last minute. With an already baked cake, Esposito wrapped the pastel pops in burlap to resemble a boutique and posted a photo in Instagram. The order sold instantly and led to several more last-minute Mother’s Day requests. “I realized this could turn into something serious,” Esposito recalls.

Fast forward to 2018, and Esposito’s hobby has become a full-time reality with the launch of The Poppery, based in Yorktown Heights. “Cake pops are my specialty, but I work with other chocolate-covered treats, as well. I can fully customize treats to fit any occasion, and make dessert to satisfy any candy table or buffet,” Esposito explains. “From cake pops to chocolate-covered Oreos, pretzels to Rice Krispies treats, and cupcakes topped with fresh Swiss meringue buttercream, I’ll make it.”

If the descriptions don’t have you drooling, the photos most certainly will. Esposito offers 10 pop flavors including cookie dough, funfetti, chocolate, and vanilla, as well as seasonal flavors including fan-favorite pumpkin spice. New items, including sugar cookies, are expected to drop in 2019.

“As of now I am a one-woman team,” says Esposito. “From baking, decorating, ordering, answering emails and more, I am the face behind it all. I would love to hire staff in the future and hopefully expand.”

The Poppery’s creations are currently available only in the Tri-State area. For more information and to order desserts for upcoming events, visit www.the-poppery.com

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