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So—we dropped by Tarry Lodge last week, trying to guage an opening date for the most highly anticipated restaurant in Westchester ever, and here’s what we found. According to a surprisingly helpful unnamed cook, who didn’t throw us out on our butt after we barged unannounced into his kitchen (in our day, we’d have thrown a pan at us), Tarry Lodge will be open on Friday September 26th, pending a final kitchen inspection scheduled for September 19th. While we were loitering (all ears), we spotted Executive Chef Andy Nusser orienting a new staffer. We didn’t bug him—he has a lot on his hands.

We did however notice that Tarry Lodge has a whiffy Dumpster out front loaded up with produce crates, and there’s still a couple of Port-O-Sans lurking out back. Let’s hope they get those nasty situations squared away before they get out the searchlights and red carpet.


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