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Sipping This Memorial Day Cocktail May Make You Want to Skirt the Law


As we ramp up to Memorial Day festivities — parades, ceremonies, and cookouts — consider what to serve your guests this celebratory weekend. Oh sure, you’ve got the burgers and dogs planned, the veggie platters and appetizers and beer selection. But why should you limit your hard liquor choices? With a quick trip to StilltheOne Distillery Two (or a good local distributor) and a little history lesson, you can wow guests with this bright and tasty cocktail.

Fresh and a fruity, with a nice tartness perfect for warm weather sipping, the Scofflaw is a truly American cocktail. Named for American drinkers who flouted Prohibition, the drink traces its roots back to Harry’s New York Bar in Paris at least as early as 1924, where expatriates, writers, and celebrities like Hemmingway, Boggart, and Chanel — and reportedly even the future King Edward VIII! — downed this potent potable en masse.

Tyler LaCorata, Head Distiller for StilltheOne gives us the distillery’s twist on this tasty bit of history.



• 2 oz of 914 Bourbon 
• 1 oz of Dry Vermouth 
• 1/4 oz of Lemon Juice 
• 1/2 oz of Grenadine 
• 2 dashes of Orange Bitters


Add all ingredients into a shaker and fill with ice. Shake, then strain into a chilled coupe glass and with a orange peel. Voilà!

Photos courtesy of StilltheOne Distillery Two


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