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Poll: What's the Best Halloween Candy?


There’s nothing quite like going out at night as a kid in the crisp, cool air of late October with an elaborate costume and an pillowcase slung over your shoulder and the guarded fever dream of possibly finding a house that gives out full size candy bars. Heck, there’s nothing like being the parent of a kid and getting to preemptively sift through your little trick-or-treater’s haul for “safety” reasons. (You sly specter, we saw you pocket that Reese’s cup.)

While—with few exceptions, cough cough editor John Bruno Turiano cough cough—it’s generally accepted that Candy Corn is the worst candy that exists, we thought it would be fun to see what Westchester thinks the best Halloween treat is. Take a couple minutes and vote your mind on our (fairly comprehensive, if we’re being modest) list of classic hallowed confections, and come back next week to check out the Sugary Sixteen!


Want to see who made the ‘sweet’ 16? Click here!


And for those of you wishing to wager a little of your candy stash, here’s a copy of the brackets to play along at home!



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