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Poll: Westchester’s Favorite Halloween Candy Finals


Here we go, folks; this is it. This is our Thunderdome, our Highlander (if you ignore the sequels).

This is the time when you tell us what you think is the absolute best Halloween candy there is. We started with a hefty 32 varieties of sweets that we feel accurately gave a solid and diverse landscape of confectionary goodness to choose from, and over the past several weeks you, our wonderful voters, have whittled those nominees down to the greatest chocolate and non-chocolate goodies available.


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First up, in what may have been the toughest call for a lot of readers, Reese’s Cups bested the mighty Snickers bar in a 62-38 decision to clinch the Chocolate Cup. Meanwhile in non-choco land, Twizzlers unsurprisingly walloped Tootsie Roll Pop because who really wants to sit around licking a lollipop and getting sticky just to get to some extra hard taffy? (Answer: 39.11 percent of voters, apparently.)

Now get ready to cast your ballot for the final champion, the One True King of Westchester’s plastic pumpkin buckets, the One Snack to Rule Them All, as two sweets enter and only one sweet leaves! Make democracy heard below, then check back with us next Tuesday when we’ll announce the grand champion on All Hallows’ Eve Eve (Day), leaving you just enough time to stock up for your eager trick-or-treaters!


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