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Mamaroneck’s Anti-Starbucks


​A year in the making, meticulously planned, The Roaster Café came together like an elegant, professionally choreographed production. From the imported, rustic, handmade Rosewood chairs and tables straight from Mike Arici and Ayhan Catalyurek’s (the founders) native Istanbul, Turkey, to the baklava baked fresh daily in Brooklyn and coffee made from high-quality beans imported locally, The Roaster Cafe brings together top-quality food, a distinct cultural identity (Turkish), and a polyglottal serving staff. The cushions on the benches feature wood-grain design, burlap coffee bags encase the ceiling vents, and outlets are available in every table space to plug in your computer.

The Roaster Café’s vibe somehow simultaneously maintains a level of reserved mystery with an easy-going playfulness. The owners subscribe to the third-wave coffee movement (where the mantra is to consider coffee as an artisanal foodstuff, like wine, as opposed to a commodity). What a welcome and much needed cosmopolitan addition to Mamaroneck, where you can unwind with family and friends (or escape them, and have a cup of Turkish coffee solo).

The menu features Mediterranean dishes for both breakfast and lunch, with many healthy options that are vegetarian and gluten-free. For breakfast, there’s omelets, pancakes, the ever-popular avocado toast, Turkish-style eggs, or Turkish-style bagels called simit. Lunch offers falafel, tabouli and other salads, platters with dips, lentil rolls, and sandwiches. If you feel a need for a sweet fix, there are pastries such as baklava (the traditional pistachio as well as walnut), rugelach, Danishes, cakes, and more from a bakery in Brooklyn.

Like a symphony, we are waiting for the next movement, the next note in this masterpiece to make us stand up and cheer. Of course, being so well planned and detailed, The Roaster Cafe doesn’t disappoint in delivering. Arici and Catalyurek will soon be roasting their own beans pending a permit. Outdoor seating will be introduced when the weather gets warmer, and, come the summer, plans are to serve dinner. 


The Roaster Café
419 Mamroneck Ave

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