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Ladies First


Did you see the Bruni article about sexism in restaurants? As a frequent diner out, and (though some might disagree) a lady, we must add our own opinion, which is a hearty “what he said.” It’s a scandal in modern-day restaurants, particularly when it comes to wine service.

Even though we usually take the lead in talking with the sommelier, and usually wind up placing the wine order with very little input from our bored husband, the tasting glass is almost always placed in front of him. Who, sighing, usually explains that the lady (ish) will be tasting the wine as he ostentatiously slides the glass across the table.

We used to be embarrassed by this misunderstanding, mustering at least a little chagrinned smile, but the awkwardness has passed with practice. We now just expected the shuffle, just as we expect people to arrive five minutes into playing movies, shuffling past our knees with their butts in our face. At some point, we just gave up being offended.


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