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7 Iconic Westchester Pizzas to Order for Super Bowl Sunday

luckybusiness | AdobeStock

If your game day order includes “cinna-sticks” we’re taking away your Westchester Parks card. Here are the local pies you should be ordering.

Super Bowl Sunday is infamous as one of the biggest pizza consumption days of the year. While in many parts of the county people drop their pizza bucks on delivery, Westchester is pizza country, and our standards are a bit loftier than Domino’s or the Hut. The biggest game of the year calls for an equally important pie. Here are seven of our favorites.

Sicilian from Sal’s

316 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck; 914.381.2022  

If there’s one Westchester pie that rules them all, it’s this classic square from Sal’s that’s big enough to feed a crowd. The genius is in the balance — crust that’s crisp on the bottom, yet airy; plenty of fresh, acidic tomato sauce; and milky, cheese-pull-ready mozzarella — that’s kept customers coming back for decades.

White Clam Pie from Frank Pepe

1955 Central Ave, Yonkers; 914.961.8284

Yes, it’s a Connecticut transplant, but there’s no arguing that this blistered, garlicky pie is an icon. The coal-fired pie comes loaded with briny, freshly shucked clams and Romano cheese, but Frank Pepe fans know it’s twice as nice with the addition of smoky bacon.

Smokey Joe from Coals

131 Parkway Rd, Bronxville; 914.337.1901

Like a trick play after the snap, Coals bucks all your expectations with its super-thin, grilled pies. All of the options are worth an order, but we’re particularly fond the Smokey Joe, topped with sweet coppa, red onion, and smoked mozzarella that plays perfectly with the char from the grill. (The grilled wings wouldn’t be a bad add-on, either.)

Photo by Andre Baranowski

Square Tomato Pie from Abatino’s 

670 N Broadway; White Plains; 914.686.0380

Located in a North White Plains strip mall, this Italian restaurant makes one of the county’s best fresh tomato pies with lots of molten mozzarella and even more oregano. But the toppings, delicious as they might be, can’t hold a candle to the star of this show: the golden, crisp-chewy crust. We’ll go for the corners every time.

Photo by Andre Baranowski

Plain Pie from Johnny’s

30 W Lincoln Ave, Mount Vernon; 914.668.1957

A strong argument can be made for only eating Johnny’s cracker-thin, old-school, no-slices pies hot from the oven at the pizzeria. But when we can’t enjoy our pizza at Johnny’s, we’re more than happy to take a few — a hungry football fan can easily down a small on his or her own — of these backwards pies (cheese first, then sauce) home because no one does simple perfection quite as well.

Hot Oil Pie from Colony Grill

35 Abendroth Ave, Port Chester; 914.934.2428

The Colony opened its first New York location in Port Chester in 2018, and we couldn’t be happier about it. The secret-recipe, bar-style hot-oil pie, topped with a single stinger pepper, is the classic, but you can have hot oil drizzled over the top of any of the pizzeria’s super-caramelized-on-the-bottom options. Go on, add a little sausage.

The Woodsy from Michael’s

125 Midland Ave, Port Chester; 914.939.2241

Another bar-style Port Chester pie, Michael’s gets its deeply caramelized edges from the vintage pans seasoned by years of use. To counteract all your pre-kickoff beer consumption, let us recommend the Woodsy, generously topped with locally made Italian sausage, peppers, and mushrooms. If you’re a glutton for punishment (or just have a high spice tolerance), try the mouth-numbing spicy version.

Photo by Andre Baranowski