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Five Festive Lattes to Get in the Holiday Spirit in Westchester

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Westchester coffeehouses are getting creative with caffeine this holiday season — and we’ve got your rundown on where to get jolly.

We’ve tried it all during the holiday season, from peppermint mochas and spiced hot chocolate to salted caramel lattes. After a few years of the same flavors, however, they become slightly less, dare we say, buzz-worthy. Thankfully, many Westchester coffeehouses are armed and ready with a fresh pot of some of the trendiest holiday flavors that aren’t the same ones we’ve sipped time and time again. So, branch out this year and see if a cup of fig and rosemary gives you the afternoon boost you crave.

Amaretto and Ginger Latte at Peekskill Coffee House

101 S Division St, Peekskill; 914.739.1287

The menu at this beloved northerly brew spot may seem simple, but one sip will prove the baristas here to be masters of the art of caffeine. For the holiday version of your favorite drink, add in one of the special holiday flavors, like amaretto, marshmallow, pumpkin pie, and butterscotch. On an especially cold day, keep your hands warm with the caffeinated rendition of an amaretto sour: a hot latte with a shot amaretto syrup and ginger sugar sprinkled on top.

Apple Cider Latte at Hastings Tea & Coffee

235 Main St, White Plains; 914.428.1000

For those of us who are wishing for fall to come back, this latte will transport you back to the crunching leaves and cool nights of autumn. The apple cider latte blends the spicy notes of apple cider with the grounding qualities of coffee, making it the ultimate cold-weather beverage. Don’t forget to top it off with whipped cream — you deserve it!


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Gingerbread Latte at Caffé Ammi

109 6th St, Pelham; 914.738.2511

This roastery and tasting room is bringing back a holiday caffeinated classic with the gingerbread latte, fit for anyone who needs a quick hit that will also satisfy the sweet tooth. Just looking at the latte is mouthwatering, as the perfectly frothed milk is topped with decadent gingerbread crumbs to add an extra layer of comfort. If you weren’t able to decorate a house this year, here’s the perfect way to get your gingerbread fix for the season!

Rosemary & Fig Latte at First Village Coffee

123 Main St, Ossining; 914.236.3765

As probably the most adventurous holiday latte of the bunch, this drink is available at the community-minded “little shop with big dreams,” as the website proclaims. First Village Coffee takes pride in its rosemary & fig latte, which is an alternative to the traditional gingerbread one. As one of the most popular items, this latte has stood the test of time and is a staple on the holiday menu every year.

Turmeric Matcha Spiced Chai Latte at BXVL Coffeehouse

2 Station Plz, Bronxville; 914.600.8139

Does coffee get you too wired, but you still want a caffeine fix? Motor over to this cozy depot hotspot for a luscious turmeric matcha spiced latte, powered by matcha green tea rather than coffee beans. This latte starts with a sweetened herbal chai latte infused with energy-boosting turmeric, and is topped off with a shot of matcha to keep you awake and alert amid the final countdown to the holidays.

latte at BXVL coffeehouse

Photo courtesy of BXVL Coffeehouse

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