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Get Revenge (BBQ, That Is) This Super Bowl Sunday


If there are two things Texans are fanatical about, it’s football and barbecue. Unfortunately for New Yorkers, neither the Giants nor the Jets made the playoffs this year. But no worries, Texas barbecue is making a championship-worthy showing right here in Westchester.


At Revenge BBQ in Irvington, owner Jacob Styburski trained with Texas pitmasters to bring the county some seriously authentic Texas-style barbecue. The brisket is the star: tender, marbled slabs of slow-smoked beef (often American Wagyu sourced from Snake River Farms) covered with a thick bark of coarse Malabar pepper. On its own, it’s a winning play for any Super Bowl party, but it’s arguably even better studded throughout Revenge’s new brisket queso. “Each container has a pound of hot, cheesy sauce and a quarter pound of brisket,” says Styburski. “We’re going to make an epic amount of it,” for Sunday.

Need to build a whole barbecue buffet? Call ahead to order The Excessive Celebration Platter: three pounds of meat, four large sides, custardy corn cakes, and a jar of queso, plus potato rolls and sauces. You can choose any three meats from the menu, but the sausages — including the Hanzo, a gouda-oozing, serrano-spiked, pork-and-beef blend, custom-made by Dobbs Ferry butcher Campbell Meats —  should be one of them.

“There’s nothing more American than barbecue and football,” says Styburksi. Now all you need is a whole lot of beer.

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