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Get Ready for the Sushi Donut


After some fishing around in search of some top-level sushi (sorry had to do it) to shoot, I found my smartphone camera’s target at Exit 4 Food Hall in Mount Kisco.

Exit 4 made a splash in February 2016, opening as the first food hall in the county. With Chef Woody Wang, formerly of Nobu, at the helm of Inno Sushi by James, he’s brought some tasty tricks, like his ridiculously delicious crispy rice sushi tuna roll.

Crispy rice sushi tuna roll

Following one of the biggest 2016 food trends, sushi burritos were introduced at Exit 4 about two months ago.

The sushi burrito

Wrapped in seaweed just like a burrito, there are currently four types available: classic sushi-bu, shrimp tempura, tuna carpaccio, and spicy kani. Easy to eat, it’s a healthy and fresh option for $13.

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Two weeks ago, Inno Sushi launched their version of the sushi donut, which originated at Project Poke in California. Instantly becoming an overnight social media sensation, the sushi donut is usually colorful like a rainbow and shaped like a bagel.

Exit 4’s version is still being tweaked, but begins with a white rice mold, and then filled with spicy tuna. Lastly it’s topped with salmon, tuna, avocado, masago (fish roe), and sesame seeds (white and black). Served on a bed of seaweed, with a side of spicy mayo, before eating, you must take the obligatory social media shot.

Westchester resident Antonella Pomilla runs a popular Instagram called food_getaboutit, based on her love of food, wine, photography, and culture.