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Farewell, Cronut! Meet the Crogel


Notable Noshes

Ever since that dang Cronut it looks like these breakfasty hybrid foods are not going to stop. One of the latest is the crogel from the bakers at everyone’s favorite maze-like supermarket, Stew Leonard’s (Yonkers). So what’s a crogel? If your guess is a crouton-gelato hybrid… um, you’d be way off, genius. It’s a croissant-bagel hybrid and it’s crogel-tastic (hey, if I’m writing about a hybrid food, why not use a hybrid word?). Stew’s bakers use croissant dough, which is formed into the size of a bagel, kettle-boil the dough, and then the suckers get baked. They are crispy on the outside like a bagel yet buttery and flaky inside (albeit a bit denser than a typical croissant). Crogels are sold in packages of two for $3.99 and are available in plain and everything (my favorite). If you find them made/sold anywhere else in the County, I’d like to know at jturiano@westchestermagazine.com.

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