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Crabtree’s Garners Another Wine Spectator “Grand Award”


We hate to sound promiscuous, but we have to admit: we drink around. Typically, we enjoy a glass or two at each restaurants that we visit, which, we’re afraid, really adds up to a lot of glasses in the end. Yet even with all those sips, we just can’t shake the memory of the last two ambrosial glasses that we tasted – a big, tobacco-ey Syrah and a hauntingly subtle Barbera. And guess what? Both were all of $15, and just hanging out on the by-the-glass list at Crabtree’s Kittle House. Who knew?

Well, it seems that Wine Spectator knew. In the August 31 issue, the magazine announced that Crabtree’s won another Grand Award this year, celebrating its wine list as one of the seventy-three best in the world. (Other local recipients are: Cru, Daniel, Del Posto, “21” Club, Veritas and Tribeca Grill – pretty swank company.) Crabtree’s has held a Wine Spectator Grand Award since 1994.

According to Wine Spectator, winning lists “…typically offer more than 1500 selections backed by an inventory that represents decades of collecting. But bottle count alone doesn’t ensure an award. Quality, maturity and presentation are the characteristics that distinguish the finest wine programs. Grand Award winners feature top producers from the classic wine-growing regions, specialize in particular areas and stay abreast of emerging trends. They offer young, ready-to-drink vintages as well as bottlings cellared to perfection. Finally, they display superior wine service that begins with a well-written and organized wine list and ends with a satisfied customer’s final sip.”

Actually, it doesn’t end there. The award should also be reserved for restaurants that serve well-priced, well-aged, by-the-glass wines that linger in the memory (despite constant challenges) like the most unforgettable ear-worm ad jingle from your childhood — except in a really good way.


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